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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will Call Milwaukee charge me to clean my home?

At Call Milwaukee, we do not have actually one set price for cleaning up a client’s house. Rather, we concern your house for a complimentary quote and base our rates on a number of factors, consisting of the number of kids and animals you have, the size of the house and other things that might affect the time it requires to make your house clean. We then personalize the price based upon your specific requirements. Considering that the quote is complimentary, you have nothing to lose by making the call and establishing a consultation so we can get to a cost.

Do I need to supply any cleaning products?

No. The teams at Call Milwaukee bring their own materials and cleaning products so we don’t need to utilize any of yours. The best part is that it’s all consisted of in our low price so you don’t need to worry about the quantity of supplies that we use.

I have allergic reactions. Are your cleaning materials hypoallergenic?

Yes. We use non-toxic and hypoallergenic cleaning products whenever possible. If you have allergic reactions, let us know when we come out to provide you an estimate so we can be sure to make a note that only hypoallergenic materials must be used when cleaning your home.

How typically will you clean my home?

When you get in touch with Call Milwaukee, you can establish a schedule with our office staff that meets your needs. Whether you want us to clean it a couple times a week or simply when a month, we can do that for you. We can likewise clean your home just when you call us if that works for you, too.

Do I have to be house for you to come and clean?

No. Much of our clients have plans with us so we can enter their home while they are at work, on vacation or just out for the day. We can arrange a time to come out when you are not home so your home will be tidy when you stroll in the front door. But if you are more comfortable existing when we clean your house, we can set up that as well. Just let us understand a window of time and we will do our best to be there throughout that time.

How many crew members will be cleaning my home?

Most of the time, Call Milwaukee sends out two team members to each task. In some scenarios, we may even send three individuals if it is a particularly huge job. Whenever possible, we also attempt to send the same crew to your home each time because they will be familiar with what needs to be done and they can be more efficient that way.

Why should I work with Call Milwaukee instead of a personal house cleaner?

When you work with Call Milwaukee, we take care of whatever for you. Instead of you having to worry about tax forms, discovering credible people etc, Call Milwaukee does it all for you to make the process carefree. If you ever have a problem with one of our team members, simply call us and we can look after that so you can prevent the uncomfortable confrontation yourself. We make it easy and budget-friendly to keep your home clean whereas employing a personal housekeeper leaves you open for more headaches than required.

I have animals. Will you still clean my home?

Absolutely. Our team members have experience cleaning homes that have one pet and even several animals. Due to all the pet hair and extra cleaning needed, our rates may be a bit greater. However they are still competitive with other Call Milwaukee home cleaning companies and they are extremely budget-friendly.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. All of the crews we send out to tidy homes are completely accredited, insured and bonded. They go through a screening procedure prior to they are employed and if they do not pass sufficiently, they are not part of our house cleaning crews. This indicates you have nothing to stress over when you call Call Milwaukee for all of your Milwaukee house cleaning requirements.

Are there things that you won’t clean up?

Yes. For hygienic and health factors, we will not ask our cleaning teams to tidy up any family pet or bodily fluids or excrement. This means we do not clean urine, feces, vomit or blood.